Sights on Osan AB

A memorial to the first American losses in the Korean War
The Monument for the USAF’s Participation in the Korean War.  .It “stands as a symbol for the bond, unity, and strength of the United States Air Force and the Republic of Korea Air Force.”  The two main sculptures symbolize ‘Double Invincible Fleets,’ which mean at once rising and ever-victorious forces.  The shape of fighters’ formation flying shows friendly relations between the two nations.  The plaza indicates the flightline, and the nose cone in the center stands for the nose of a fighter aircraft.

My home away from home.  My windows are directly above the tree on the left.

One of the kid’s lanes at the MiG Alleys bowling center (ain’t that a great name?).
They’re about half the length of a regular lane.

A marker off the 2nd tee of the base golf course.

Here’s the fairway.  One wonders whether Mr. Hope would have been able to hit it...
A 740-year old gingko tree that was in the center of one of the local villages in the area before the base was created.  Click here for more information on this historic landmark.

One of the two M*A*S*H-like signs in front of one of the HQ buildings

A view of one Osan—Osan City—from another
Several of the local "beater" cars have been elaborately decorated.  Here are two, but there are at least two more I haven't gotten pictures of yet.
A couple more....

I saw these butterflies on a bush at the golf course parking lot.

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Last updated 18 November 2012