The Netherlands

The Drielandenpunt, the point where Belgium, Germany, and the Netherlands borders intersect.
Coincidentally, it's also the highest point in the Netherlands at just over 370 meters (~1230 feet).

An inside view of the hedge maze at Vaals

On now to Kinderdijk.  There are 21 windmills here, although only about 14 are visible in this picture.

The American Cemetary at Margraten, with all the wreathes presented on Memorial Day.

The graves on Memorial Day

The gardens of Keukenhof ("kitchen garden," as herbs for the castle kitchen were gathered here) were originally owned by Jacoba van Beieren in the early 15th century.  In 1949, a group of tulip bulb growers and exporters decided it would be the place for an open-air exhibition to showcase their profession.

On Christmas Eve, 1944, about 300 American soldiers celebrated Mass in the de Schaark cave near Valkenburg.  Each year, a similar Mass is held to commemorate the original.

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Last updated 1 June 2008