England and Wales

The Roman amphitheater at Caerleon

Caerphilly Castle

A washbasin at Castle Coch.  Note the unusual spout.

The clock tower at Cardiff Castle

Tintern Abbey, founded in 1131 for Cisercian monks

White Castle.  No, there aren't any hamburgers there.

Kim finds her Nirvana!

Celtic Manor, home of the 2010 Ryder Cup and the Welsh Open

Typical Dartmoor scenery

Launceston Castle, consisting of a 13th-century
round tower inside an earlier shell-keep

Totnes Castle, one of the best surviving Norman motte and bailey castles

Berry Pomeroy Castle, home of the Seymour family

Stone circles at Merrivale on the moor

Stone rows at Merrivale on the moor

Medieval Clapper Bridge near Postbridge

Okehampton Castle, the largest castle in Devon

The 100-foot high While Lady waterfall in Lydford Gorge

Now we know where Travelocity headquarters is!

Restormel Castle, former stronghold of the Duke of Cornwall

A miniature golf course at Plymouth

King Doniert's Stone, with an
inscription commemorating Dumgarth, British King
of Dumnonia, who drowned in 875
The Trethevy Quoit, a Neolithic burial chamber

Exeter Cathedral

St. Michael's Church on Brent Tor

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Last updated 3 January 2009