While Kim and the boys were visiting Chris in Korea, we went to China for a week.  If you've ever wanted to see China (or at least selected bits of it), here's your chance!  Click on a link below to start your journey...

Tian’anmen Square | In and around Beijing | In and around Xi’an

One of China’s 660 golf courses

At the Beijing airport with our guide, Babbitt.  All the tour guides use English names to make it easier on us tourists.
The food in China was very good, but not very much at all like the “Chinese” food most Americans are familiar with, with one exception--we did get some sweet and sour pork once that was EXACTLY like what we were used to.

This is a beef noodle dish we got at a small café in our hotel.  They also had excellent dumplings!

These beans are coated and stuffed with pepper.  Even Andrew and I, who don’t like spicy food, thought they were delicious.

This is a traditional Xi'an dessert, composed of rice, honey, and persimmon (I believe) and is very good!

I was surprised when we got this dish at the airport in Xi’an; I don’t ever remember getting cauliflower in my Chinese food before...

At the Xi’an airport with our guide Betty, on our way back to Korea

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Last updated 21 December 2013